Help Support the Drunken Duck by becoming a Patreon

Collections from our Tavern at events help cover the costs of ingredients, ice, C02, and the immediate consumables, but that is about it. As we continue to improve the structure and the ambiance of the traveling Drunken Duck Tavern AND the virtual home ( including how to videos, shared recipes, ext. ) it has become evident that we need just a little more help than our trusty tip jar can hold.

Because we can’t legally sell our homebrews and historically beverages, we have had to turn to other non-traditional forms of razing some extra cash.

As a group that focuses on the art of “historical beverages” and creating a drinking medieval atmosphere, we figured what better way to try to raise some sums than the very medieval idea of “Patronage”

Become a Patron!

We now have a Patreon account, which is a crowdfunding membership platform that helps a subscription content service for artists to provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons” .

With Patron Tiers from $4-$252, you can donate as little or as much as you would like per month, with all the proceeds going directly into improving the Drunken Duck. As an added bonus, each of the tiers are based after Medieval Cask sizes.

For those of you who are regular visitor to the Drunken Duck at events, your patronage will be most evident in not only the brews we will be able to serve but also how we serve it ( colder beverages and a larger variety), and the overall ambiance of the Tavern ( modern serving technology hidden away in a wooden bar, wooden seating instead of plastic tables).

However, the actual patron benefits are geared for those who will never physically attend the Drunken Duck. This includes:

  • Behind the Scene Footage ( including brewing mistakes, silliness behind the bar, and outtakes)
  • Drink Sponsorship ( You tell us what to brew. Have as much ( or little) say in the creation of a new brew each month)
  • Early Access to updates, polls, news, class notes and videos,
  • Early voting on what beverage we brew, serve, and even their names
  • A Monthly Drunken Duck Jam, made from the same fruit, juices, and wort that is used to make the homebrews.
  • Monthly newsletter filled will everything that happened the previous month.
  • Recognition on our website, labels, and videos.
  • Seasonal Holiday Cards complete with recipes.

Check out to see all of the benefits that are available with each tier.

Of course you can also always make a one time donation using paypal.