Maumee Bay Brewing Company

Over Easter I found myself away from home teaching a weekend long workshop in Toledo, Ohio. On Sunday, before heading home, I figured I would try myself to some Easter Beer (and some food) at a local brewpub.
I asked around for recommendations and surprisingly heard only crickets. I found it hard to believe that a town bordering two great craft brewing states would not have an enormous collection of brewpub choices.

After a little more social media prodding I decided to check out Maumee Brewing Company. Luckily, not only were they open on Easter Sunday, but they had a special Easter Sunday menu highlighting some of their regular items but with a down-home holiday feel.

Though I am only about a 2-hour drive from Toledo, I know fairly little about the city, and I know less about Maumee Brewing Company. Granted, the streets of Toledo were quite bare being a religious holiday; however, driving up to Maumee Brewing Companies restaurant had me just a little worried… The area was deserted and the part of town seemed like it had had better days (or was in the process of having a better day). In contrast the very large building that Maumee Brewing calls home was clean, bright, and very welcoming (but once again very deserted). I am glad there were ample signs pointing me where to go as there is a Café, a Brewpub, a steakhouse, a sports bar and lounge, and a banquet hall (some of which were closed) all in the same building. I finally found an employee in the massive building who guided me to the brewpub area.

I don’t enjoy sitting at the bar by myself, but I also didn’t want to monopolize one of their larger tables, so when they seated me at the bar I just went with it. Luckily for me the bartender, Lexi, was incredibly welcoming and efficient. I saddled up to my bar stool, pulled out a book and settled in for a relaxing holiday meal.

For dinner, they had a special “Root Beer Glazed Ham w/ pretzel stuffing and honey glazed carrots”. Everything food wise was spot on and their pretzel stuffing was so amazing if I ever find myself in the area again I will most certainly get their pretzels as an appetizer.

When it comes to their brews it was a little hit and miss. It was early in the afternoon so I wanted a lighter beer. I went with their Glass City Pale Ale which boasts citrus and grapefruit notes. The A.B.V. comes in at a respectable 5.7% and I.B.U. 37. The website claims that this pale ale is “dangerously drinkable on a warm day” which is a statement I would totally agree with. Quite honestly this is the way I would like all my American pale ales to taste; Light with a very prominent grapefruit front end, hoppy middle notes and a clear finish. I ranked this beer a 4 out of 5 on Untappd.

I couldn’t leave with just tasting one beer so I figured I would try out the Coffee Cream Ale. As much as I liked the Glass City Pale Ale, I did NOT like the Coffee Cream Ale. It was heavy on the coffee and there was an element of “something else” I could not put my finger on. With “Coffee” in the title I expected something dark and creamy, and this turned out to be a much lighter cleaner beer than expected. With so much coffee flavor it almost felt like they used an artificial coffee flavor, so I was surprised to find out they actually did a cold steep post ferment process (which still makes me wonder how they got the beer so light in color). Quite honestly I don’t really enjoy cream sodas, and I didn’t like this. However, if you like cream sodas and love coffee more than I do (which I don’t know is humanly possible) you might enjoy the Coffee Cream Ale. A.B.V. 5.2% I.B.U. 22 I ranked this beer a 2.5 out of 5 on untapped.

The best advice I could give to someone visiting Maumee Brewing company is to get one of their samplers and try each of the beers before deciding on their drink of choice. While you are there you MUST stay for the food. Where the beers offerings have both good and bad all the food was to die for and all the employees were efficient and friendly.

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