Drink a Hot Toddy

Have a sinus infection- Drink a Hot Toddy.

Have a cold- Drink a Hot Toddy.

Have strep throat- Drink a Hot Toddy.

Basically, I believe Hot Toddies are the cure for everything that does not involve extreme stomach issues.

So when a friend said they had a sore throat they could not get rid of, I recommended she drink a hot toddy. I was floored when I found out she did not have the makings for my favorite remedy drink!

To me, hot toddies are as quintessential in the house as toilet paper. In fact, I have been known to run out of toilet paper before running out of whiskey, honey, and lemons. See, in essence that is all a hot toddy is – an alcoholic mixture with honey, lemon and hot tea.

So how come this simple magical mixture is so amazing? Well, it is probably because in addition to being rather tasty, it actually works to help cure most of what ails you.

Let’s start with whiskey, which is a surprisingly effective antiseptic. Whiskey comes in about 40% alcohol and though not as effective as say, rubbing alcohol when it comes to killing bacteria, it still seems to pack a punch on most of the little buggies that are trying to make you sick. So when you start to get sick or have a sore throat, make sure you have some whiskey to help clean out your throat.  In addition to the disinfectant qualities, drinking alcohol helps us relax the sore muscles from coughing and general body ache and pains. As a little icing on the alcoholic cake, a Carnegie Mellon study showed that moderate drinkers had increased resistance to viral infections.

Take your whiskey and add in the honey. Just like whiskey, honey is also incredibly antiseptic, especially if you get natural local honey (hint: skip the commercial honey and go for local natural honey- it tastes better and is much better for you). Honey will also coat and soothe a sore throat better than any cough drop you can find.

As you now have the antiseptic healing properties down, let’s take care of some of the other symptoms. This is where you want to add in either hot water or hot tea. Inhaling the steam of any hot beverage can soothe nasal passages and temporarily relieve congestion. Hot beverages will also promote mucus secretions in the nose and mouth, which is one of  our bodies’ first line of defence against bacteria and viruses.

Finally, you want to add in some Vitamin C in the form of lemon juice and zest. Scientific studies have shown that lemon can cut cold symptoms short by usually at least a day. Besides the lemon juice, I like to put the zest from the lemon in my hot toddies as well, in order to get as much lemon oil into the drink as possible. The essential oils in the lemon zest help open up the nose and unblock your ears.

Independently, all of these ingredients are great cold fighters, but when you add them together you can really put your coughs and sneezes to bed.

If you are not like me and do not always have a handy supply of whiskey, lemon juice, and honey on hand, then you can always make a hot toddy liquor to keep on hand for the cold & flu season.

For my hot toddy liquors I use — 2 lemons, 2 cups whiskey (or bourbon or your favorite alcohol of 40% or higher) and ¾ cups honey. I mix the lemon zest from the lemons in with the lemon juice and add in the ¾ cup honey and bring to boil. Once it is cool enough to touch, add in the whiskey. You will want to let it sit for about 2 weeks to extract as much of the essential oils out of the lemon zest. Strain the liquor through a coffee filter and keep in a cool dark place. I recommend adding in 1-2 tbsps of the liquor into a cup of tea before bed when sick… or when you just want some.

It is incredibly important to stay fully hydrated when you are sick, so I recommend drinking at least glass of water or orange juice for every hot toddy you drink.

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