A Crafting PSA

If someone makes you something, be it cookies, booze, sewn or knitted items Say Thank You.

I honestly did not believe that this is something that needed to be said, but if Christmas this year has taught me anything, it is that this PSA should be woven into ugly sweaters everywhere.

If someone mentions that they have made, are making, or would like to make you a homemade gift, don’t turn it down. Accept it graciously- say thank you and move on with your life.

You may think you might be saving them the hassle, but what you’re really doing is hurting their feelings. They have thought enough about you to put you on their gift giving list, so be considerate and accept it politely.

Trust me, I understand, I don’t particularly enjoy getting food items myself. However, if you gift me some, I’ll take them to work and share them around. Those items that were lovingly crafted and given, have now brought happiness to all who enjoyed them, as well as joy to the person who bestowed them upon me. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

You know what is not a Win-Win situation? Making someone feel as if their efforts are not good enough to grace the presence of your gift-giving world.

Okay, so you don’t drink, but you have  received homemade alcohol? Cook with it!  Pass it on to someone who will enjoy it! By turning it down up front you will inevitably hurt the person who offered it, even if it is a fleeting blow.  Even if it is your intention that they should feel relieved,  in reality, how that makes them truly feel is that their gift-crafting efforts and skills aren’t good enough. Or worse, if they are anything like me, they will go and try to make you something else instead.

The holiday season is about GIVING; it is not about you getting gifts. So give something back to the person other than heartache, and graciously accept their offering.

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